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Compressors, Ladders, Light Signs & More in Parry Sound

Working in the winter? Don’t have access to power? ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals in Parry Sound has a wide selection of equipment to help you get the job done when it’s too cold or when the power’s out of reach, including:

Air compressors

ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals carries a wide range of Sullair portable air compressors, from 100 CFM to 260 CFM, including:

  • 3 CFM electric portable
  • 5 CFM electric 1HP portable
  • 5 CFM gas 5HP portable
  • 185 CFM diesel towable


Working on your vehicle? ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals carries a variety of automotive tools

  • Engine hoist 2 ton

Cleaning equipment

Had a major spill or disaster around the house or business? ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals carries a variety of cleaning and cleanup equipment, including:

  • HP wet and dry vacuum
  • Pressure washer 4000 PSI
  • Pressure washer 3000 PSI gas
  • Pressure washer 2000 PSI gas
  • Electric pressure washer 1000 PSI
  • HD fan drying
  • Dehumidifier
  • Large commercial dehumidifier
  • Carpet shampooer
  • Carpet drying fan
  • Pedestal fans
  • Wallpaper steamer


When you really need to pack it down, ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals helps you be the expert with our compaction equipment. From driveways to roadways, ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals has the right compactor for the job including plates and rollers. 

Compaction equipment

  • Plate tamper 13" 
  • Plate tamper 15.7", 21"

Compaction rollers

  • Asphalt roller gas
  • Dyna-Pac walk-behind

Concrete and masonry

A solid concrete job starts with the right equipment from ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals. We have all the essential concrete equipment to help your next pour result in the perfect finished job, including:


  • Bull float 10' and 6' handle
  • Concrete vibrator
  • Concrete mixer 6 cu ft
    gas towable
  • 12" cut off saw - electric
  • 14" cut off saw - gas
  • 16” cut off saw – gas
  • Assorted cut off blades
  • Cut off saw cart
  • Tub tile saw 10”


ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals rock drills and chippers are designed for drilling through granite and hard-faced rock, as well as for quarry drilling, drilling secondary holes for blasting, and numerous other construction and plant maintenance applications:

  • Hammer Drills SDS Plus and Max 
  • Concrete breakers
  • Rock drills
  • Core Drills
  • Air hose 1"x50'
  • Drill steel 18"-2
  • Drill steel 4'
  • Drill steel 6'-8
  • Drill steel 10"-14
  • Points and chisels
  • Rock bit 1 1/4 - 1 3/8-1-20
  • Rock bit 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 - 1 7/8 -2 -25
  • 2" core bit
  • 3" core bit
  • 4" core bit 
  • 5" core bit
  • 6" core bit
  • 1/2"-5/8" drill bit carbide
  • 3/4"-1 1/2" drill bit carbide

*Broken and burnt bits will result in a replacement charge


ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals is a lot more than just big machinery. Most jobs require some kind of finishing work and we have a huge selection of various electric tools to get the work done right. 


Hardwood floor nailers are designed for the professional installation of tongue and groove and surface hardwood floors. ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals has the fastener that's right for your job, including:

  • Air hose 3/8” x 50’
  • Air hose 3/8” x 100’
  • Ramset gun
  • Power nailer hardwood 3/4"
  • Power nailer hardwood 3/8"
  • Pneumatic finish nailer
    and brad
  • Pneumatic subfloor nailer
  • Pneumatic roofing nailer
  • Pneumatic hardwood floor stapler
  • Framing strip nailer
  • Roofing nails

* Gas cells and nails are extra

Floor and carpet

ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals has a variety of tools to help you with your floor or carpet cleaning projects. From floor preparation to final cleaning, to shampooing and drying, we’ve got it all, including:

Floor & carpet tools

  • Floor sander orbital
  • Floor Edger
  • Floor stripper (electric)
  • Carpet Cleaners


Pump up the power when and where you need it with ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals. We stock the industry's best generators for remote and emergency uses. Our generators include:

  • Various sizes both portable and towable please call for more information


Warm it up or cool it down. ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals has you covered no matter what temperature conditions you're dealing with. For cooling or drying, our fans offer whirlwind power. Check out our heaters powered by propane, natural gas and kerosene ranging from 60,000 BTU to 1,000,000 BTU. With ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals on your side it's no sweat with:

  • 150,000 BTU propane
  • 32,000 BTU electric furnace
  • Tiger torch
  • Electric furnace
  • Worksite diesel furnace with venting to direct heat 


If you can't reach that project or just need to get up in the world, ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals carries a variety of ladders to suit your requirements. We have the right ladder to fit your needs, including:

  • 6' step ladder
  • 8' step ladder
  • 10' step ladder
  • 14' step ladder
  • 28 extension ladder
  • 40 extension ladder

Levels and transits

Need to get your lawn, foundation or driveway on the level? Check out our transits and levels:

  • Transit level
  • 100' measuring tape
  • Measuring wheel
  • Laser line level
  • Laser rotary lever

Lighting and signs

Work smart. Work safe with lighting and signs from ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals. We carry portable lighting in 175 watt quartz light stands to 6 kw towable light towers. Don't let the darkness slow you down. At ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals we'll help brighten up your site with:

  • Flood lights - metal halide
  • Wobble work light 175W
  • Wobble work light 400W
  • Towable tower lights
  • Stop lights (portables)
  • Men working sign
  • Stop and slow sign
  • Tall highway markers

Miscellaneous Equipment

ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals carries a wide variety of tools. We are expanding our inventory daily. If you require something that is not listed we may still have it. Give us a call to reach our expert staff who can help you find exactly what you want. We’ve got:

  • Bolt cutters
  • Storage containers 
  • Fish tape 50'
  • Fish tape 100'
  • Fish tape 200'
  • Metal detector
  • Temporary fencing 8' section (35 pcs available)
  • 4' barbeque
  • 6' barbeque
  • Pick
  • Sledge hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Safety lanyard 
  • 4" tube cutter
  • Safety vest
  • Pylon
  • Alum brake
  • Table saw 10"

Moving equipment

On the move? ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals has what you need to make it quick and painless. We have a wide selection of appliance carts and pallet trucks to help make your move from A to B a breeze.


ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals has a variety of tools to help you with your plumbing projects. From plumbing tools to unclog your drain to pumps to get that water out fast, our inventory of plumbing, pumping and hose equipment includes:

Plumbing tools

  • Electric sewer snake 25'x3/8"
  • Electric sewer snake 50'x3/8"
  • Sewer snake 15'
  • Sewer snake 25'
  • Power snake 50'
  • Power snake 100'
  • Magikist water line
    deicer 100'
  • Magikist water line
    deicer 200'

Pumps and hoses

  • 2-3" Submersible pumps
  • 2" centrifugal with 25' hose
  • 2" trash centrifugal
  • 3" centrifugal with 25' hose
  • 3" trash pump centrifugal

Extra discharge hoses

  • 1"x50'
  • 2"x50'
  • 3"x50'
  • larger if needed
  • 3" mud pump
  • Larger sizes available up to 6"

Pulling up your old carpets and need a floor stripper? Rebuilding the classic car of your dreams and need an engine hoist? Give us a call at ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals today, get the right tools in your hands and get going!

Ready to get to work? Give or a call or visit us today in Parry Sound for all your tool and equipment rental needs!

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