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NxbursT™ Products in Parry Sound

Did the automotive tool, drill or scaffolding you borrowed from ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals work so well you want it all for yourself? No problem! Everything in our rental inventory is also available for purchase at the ACE Store. We are also a proud retailer of quality products by NxbursT™ state-of-the-art rock and concrete breaking technology.


Outside of NXbursT we also carry expansion stone breaking material please contact our store for more details regarding that product.


Break Rock and Concrete in a Confined Space with Ease

ACE Tools & Equipment Rentals is your local dealer for NxbursT™ products; NxbursT™ breaks rock and concrete with minimal fly rock, low vibration, reduced noise and requires only localized clearance of equipment and personnel. NxbursT™ is a non-detonating chemical compound that fractures rock. Small holes are drilled using a step 1 handheld electric hammer drill, or an excavator-mounted rock drill for larger jobs. NxbursT™ is safe to use in small and environmentally sensitive areas. NxbursT™ also works in dry or wet conditions.

A special training course is required or our technician can do it for you.
NxbursT™ Rock Breaking Cartridges are accepted worldwide as a viable alternative to the use of high explosives. The unique characteristics of the NxbursT™ cartridge make it the product of first choice in any rock breaking application or demolition site in environmentally sensitive areas or in close proximity to existing infrastructure.

NxbursT™ cartridges are available in 12mm, 28mm, 34mm and 60mm diameters; and in charge weights from 2g to 500g. The large range of sizes and charge weights allow NxbursT™ to be used for a wide range of applications.

NxbursT™ 12mm RockPopper Cartridge Range
NxbursT™ RockPoppers are used for breaking small boulders up to 1 cubic meter in size (used widely in breaking crusher oversize); scale removal in tanks and silos; and small demolition jobs. NxbursT™ 12mm RockPopper cartridges are available in 2 gm and 6 gm charge weights in increments of 1 gm.

The NxbursT™ B12mm RockPopper cartridge requires a 14mm to 16mm diameter hole which can be drilled with a handheld electric hammer drill.

NxbursT™ 28mm Cartridge Range
NxbursT™ 28mm cartridges are used for boulder breaking; armour stone splitting; medium sized concrete demolition; dimension stone quarrying; swimming pool excavations and other sensitive in-site breaking. The NxbursT™ 28mm cartridge was designed specifically for underground applications that are drilled horizontally. NxbursT™ 28mm cartridges are available in 20 gm to 12 gm charge weights in increments of 20 gm.

The NxbursT™ 20mm cartridge requires a 32mm to 35mm diameter hole which can be drilled with a handheld pneumatic drill using a 160 cfm compressor.

NxbursT™ 34mm Cartridge Range
NxbursT™ 34mm cartridges are used for concreted demolition; tunnel and shaft enlargement; trenching and other sensitive in-site excavations. NxbursT™ 34mm cartridges are available in 20 gm to 180 gm charge weights in increments of 20 gm.

The NxbursT™ 34mm cartridges require a 38mm to 42mm diameter hole which can be drilled with a handheld pneumatic drill using a 160 cfm to 400 cfm compressor depending upon the number of rock drills to be used simultaneously; or by a small hydraulic drill rig.

NxbursT™ 60mm Cartridge Range
NxbursT™ 60mm cartridges can be used for large scale rock excavations; hard rock trenching; foundation excavation and other sensitive civil rock breaking applications. NxbursT™ 60mm cartridges are available in 200 gm to 500 gm charge weights.

The NxbursT™ 60mm cartridge requires a 64mm to 76mm diameter hole which can be drilled with a small hydraulic or pneumatic drill rig.


Sample Applications for NxbursT™

Reinforced Concrete Demolition
NxbursT™ is particularly useful for breaking reinforced concrete as the breakage mechanism produced by NxbursT™ allows the concrete to be removed cleanly from the reinforcing steel without having the problem of a tangle of reinforcing steel attached to each piece of broken concrete. This makes removal of the demolished concrete easier to handle.

Armour Stone Splitting
Armour stone is often required for construction of harbours and breakwaters where large, hard, competent blocks of rock are placed on top of one another to create an artificial barrier to the destructive forces of the wave action of the ocean. Armour stone can also be used for decorative purposes where large blocks of natural rock are placed in front of a building or in a rock feature in a garden. NxbursT™ is the most productive and cost effective method of producing armour stone from either large boulders or from primary blasted rock. A single NxbursT™ cartridge is capable of splitting a boulder of up to 27 cubic meters into 4 or more pieces, with clean splitting planes showing on each piece. Armour stone splitting using NxbursT™ produces minimal or no fly rock; negligible ground vibration levels; very low overpressure; minimal noise; and can be used in areas close to residential buildings and municipal infrastructure such as roads or offices without resulting in complaints from residents.

Removing Hardened Concrete from Mobile Mixer Drums
The problem of concrete setting in mobile concrete mixer drums is one that most concrete transporters are faced with from time to time. Using the NxbursT™ RockPopper cartridge allows a simple and cheap method of clearing the concrete from the mixer-drum without damaging the drum or the rotating mechanism. The clearing of the set concrete involves drilling a pattern of 14mm diameter holes, drilled 300mm apart and angled at 70 degrees from the surface of the concrete, approximately 250mm to 500mm deep depending on the thickness of the concrete. The holes can be drilled with a suitable handheld electric drill. The NxbursT™ method is safe, reliable, convenient and economical for this application.

Swimming Pool Excavations
Swimming pool excavations are often located close to residential buildings and may even be within a few meters of the windows or entrance of a residence. When hard rock is encountered, which is required to be excavated, it is essential that safety and environmental measures are put in place which are appropriate for this sensitive situation. NxbursT™ is ideal for breaking and excavating hard or fractured rock in sensitive environments such as for swimming pool excavations, because it allows a controlled approach to excavation in these difficult situations.

Information courtesy of NxbursT™ Canada. For more detailed information visit their website.

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